Bookkeeping Client

A new client of ProStar was in need of accurate bookkeeping with timely reporting and monthly financials, for their bank, as required by their loan covenants.  ProStar was able to clean up the client's books and create and effective and efficient process moving forward.  Through ProStar's process, the client now has real time data for their management team, bankers, and accountant.   

CFO Services

ProStar was retained by a manufacturing company that had just gone through an issue of fraudulent misrepresentation to investors from terminated management.  ProStar was able to confirm that the accounting reconciled and properly value inventory in order to locate the misrepresentation.  Once the error was found, ProStar was able to communicate the situation to investors, board of directors and operations staff.  A path forward was formulated and the company continued to use ProStar for guidance.    

Startup Projections/Financial Presentation to potential Investors

ProStar was retained by a promising start-up to improve their financial projections and validate the business model for profitability.  ProStar was able to quickly understand the business's plan, ask operational questions, and inject financial acumen to create improved projections.  The end result was an investment pitch deck that corresponded in unison with the  financial projections.   

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